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Environmental Commitment

Paying much attention to the presernation of the natural environment, we have been continuing our business activities to contribute to realizing comfortable life.

For coexisting with our precious Earth

Environmental problem is one of the issues common to all the mankind.
Paying much attention to the environment, CHOFU has been supplying products that customers use with satisfaction. This fundamental philosophy has remained unchanged.
We will continue to supply products that customers use with confidence.
We will try to keep in harmony with the environment and maintaining the interest of society.
We will actively exert our efforts to develop new technology to achieve the above goals.
We, at CHOFU believe it is our mission to continue to manufacture products that we will make coexistence possible with our precious Earth.

Environmental Policy

Faundamental Philosophy

The Headquarters plant of CHOFU SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. is an integrated manufacturing plant where we conduct research & development, manufacturing, and sales of residential housing equipment such as oil-fired water heaters and air conditioners.
Recognizing the fact that our corporate activities and products and services are deeply related to the environment, we will offer eco-friendly products and carry out eco-conscious activities to reduce environmental load in cooperation with our customers, group companies, and all the employees.
We will strive to preserve natural environment and to live close together in harmony with the community.

Action Guidelines
  1. We will endeavor to abide by the environmental laws and regulations concerning our activities, products and services.
    We will continuously
    Promoting the prevention of environmental pollution, we will continuously endeavor to preserve and improve the natural environment.
  2. We will address following items in the environmental aspects concerning our activities, products and services.

    1) We will try to save on electricity, oil and gas to prevent global warming.

    We will try to promote the reduction, recycle and reuse of the waste for effective utilization of resources.

    3) We will aim at reduction and appropriate control of the chemical substance such as an organic solvent. Particularly, we will endeavor to collect specific Freon, and to properly control thinner and solvent paints, and solder.

  3. In order to complete this environmental policy, environmental purpose and target is set in each department.
    The inspection of the environmental management system and review are periodically carried out in an attempt to make a continuous improvement.
    The environmental management system will be promoted by every department and every employee including all related companies entering our plant.


What can CHOFU do to make our living in harmony with the environment?
Introduction of various of activities.

Eco-friendly Products

CHOFU, thinking amenities of life in total context, has been developing products that are eco and human-friendly.

ISO Policy

Quality and Environment Management Systems have been established and implemented according to the ISO9001 and ISO14001.