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History of CHOFU

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1954 Chofu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. was established in Chofu-samuraimachi, Shimonoseki with a capital of 5 million yen. Started production of agricultural machinery.

1960   Developed kerosene-fired burner for drying rice/wheat in husk (this product prompted Chofu's later growth).

1963 Completed Tochigi plant. Developed hot water boilers for residential use and advanced into the field of home appliances.
1965 Adopted a system of direct sales network with retail stores. Started production of space heaters.
1966   Started production of bath water heaters and kerosene space heaters.
1968   Discontinued production of agricultural machinery.
1969 Yoneo Kawakami became company president.  
1970 Made a 3-year plan targeted to achieve 1972 sales of 10 billion yen.
  • 1969:   1,776 (million yen)
  • 1970:   3,084 (million yen)
  • 1971:   5,290 (million yen)
  • 1972:   8,238 (million yen)
  • 1973: 11,666 (million yen)

Developed the industry-first instantaneous kerosene boilers.
Started production of steam boilers (KB model).

1972   Advanced into the field of air conditioners.

1973 Completed Head Office plant in Ogimachi.

1976 Completed Shiga plant.

Started production of residential-use air conditioners.
1977 Opened Morioka sales office. Started production of forced flue fan heaters.
1979 Listed on Hiroshima Stock Exchange. Started production of solar powered water heaters and electric water heaters.

1980 Completed Kagawa plant. Started production of kerosene-fired fan-driven space heaters.

Completed Utsunomiya plant in Kiyohara.
Head Office plant and office moved to current location of Ogimachi.

Started production of gas-fired bath water heaters.
1983 Opened Tokyo and Osaka sales offices. Started production of gas-fired heaters with reheating function.
1985 Opened Nagoya and Chiba sales offices.  
1986 Opened Yokohama sales office. Started production of kerosene-fired water heaters with direct connection to tap water.
1987 Yoneo Kawakami became chairman and Tadao Fukuzumi became president.  

Started production of artificial marble bathtubs.

1991   Started production of system bathrooms.(YUMERIA)
1992 Opened Sendai sales office.  
1994 Completed new office building at Head Office.  
1995 Opened Okinawa and Kanazawa sales offices.  
1996 Head Office plant acquired ISO9001 certification.
Listed on 2nd Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.
Opened Fukuoka and Okayama sales offices.
1997 Utsunomiya plant acquired ISO9001 certification.
Opened Omiya and Hiroshima sales office.
Listed on 2nd Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Yasuo Kawakami became president.
Started sales of system kitchens.(YUMERIA)

1998 Completed Head Office R&D center.
Listed on 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and 1st Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.

Started production of solar-powered under-floor ventilators and bathroom ventilating dry heaters.
1999   Started production of kerosene-fired water-heater-bathtub combination with fully-automatic self-cleaning features.
2000   Started production of solar water heaters.
(overfall type)
Started sales of solar power generation systems.
2002   Started production of hybrid air conditioners with hot water floor heating, and CO2 heat pump water heaters.(ECO CUTE)
2003 Head Office plant acquired ISO14001 certification.
Shiga plant acquired ISO9001 certification.
Started production of gas engine-driven cogeneration systems.(ECO WILL)
2004 50th anniversary.  

Opened Tokyo branch office.
Completed new office building at Shiga plant.

2007 Acquired all shares of Sunpot Co., Ltd.(currently a consolidated subsidiary). Started production of high-efficiency oil-fired water heaters. (ECO FEEL)
2008   Started production of hybrid solar water heater systems.(ENE WAITER)
2009   Started production of heat pump hot-water heating systems(ENE FLOW), heat pump under-floor air conditioners, and fuel cell cogeneration systems.(ENE FARM)
2010   Started production of high-efficiency gas-fired bath water heaters.(ECO JOZU)
2011   Started production of 24-hour desiccant ventilation systems.
2012 Yasuo Kawakami became chairman and Kazuhiro Hashimoto became president.
Opened Matsumoto sales office.
2013 Established large-scale photovoltaic power plants.

2014 Opened Chofu Seisakusho Commemorative Hall, Keiyuen.

ENE FARM remote-controller received a Good Design Award.

2015 Opened Fukuoka branch office.

Formed a capital and business alliance with Noritz Corporation.
2017 Acquired all shares of Osaka-Technocrat Co.,Ltd.  
2019 Kiyotaka Taneda became president.  
2020   Started service of remote control app.
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