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Keeping development of human and eco-friendly products in mind. Kazuhiro Hashimoto, President

CHOFU started operation in 1954 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. After the development of a kerosene-fired burner for grain drying, we shifted course into the field of residential appliances, with a clear focus on oil-fired water heaters.
Since then, by embracing our belief of "realizing a comfortable life abundant with hot water," we have supplied customers with numerous water heaters powered by various types of energy, such as oil, gas, electricity and solar energy.

We have grown to hold the top share in the field of oil-fired water heaters, and having become a manufacturer of household equipment, offer a comprehensive line of products including bathroom and kitchen appliances, air conditioning and heating systems.

Our products have great relevance in the modern world, where we are faced with the challenge of environmental protection and various energy-related issues.
There is an increasing demand for a higher level of energy conservation and efficiency in our water heaters and air conditioning systems. By responding to these demands, we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, thus meeting the needs of society.

We are committed to promoting products that use renewable energy, ensuring the safety of our products and guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of our customers,as well as meeting all other social responsibilities.

CHOFU promises to make a company-wide effort to further technological innovation, to develop products that are kind to humans and the environment, and to conduct our business as a company that is passionate about environmental protection.

We appreciate and ask for your continued understanding and support with regard to the company and its undertakings.

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