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Heat Pump Systems

Air to Water

R32   Monobloc  "Heating & Cooling"  Air  to  Water  Heat  Pump  (DC Inverter)
Made In Japan
Models   Models   Models
Heating Capacity 6kW
COP 4.20
Cooling Capacity 5kW
EER 3.91
Heating Capacity 10kW
COP 4.39
Cooling Capacity 8kW
EER 3.51
Heating Capacity 12kW
COP 4.30
Cooling Capacity 12kW
EER 3.80
Models   Models  
Heating Capacity 16kW
COP 4.30
Cooling Capacity 16kW
EER 3.90
Heating Capacity 16kW
COP 4.10
Cooling Capacity 16kW
EER 3.90

Heat Pump Strength

Heat pump became prevalent in Japan and gradually widespread around the globe. Why Japan first? Japan, a scarce natural resource country, has been keen on developing highly energy efficient products. Heat pump is one of such products, utilizing unlimited solar heat in combination with the limited consumption of electricity.

Save electricity bill

Save electricity bill

Household with heat pump could save a third or so of monthly electricity bill comparing to one with electric type heating system.
* The amount you can save varies by conditions.

Save initial and operating cost

Environmental-conscious governments may grant subsidy and/or tax credit to spread highly energy efficient heat pumps from the standpoint of environmental preservation.
* For details, please contact your supplier or local authority.

Air to Water Heat Pump Mechanism

Heat pump takes ambient heat into the unit even in winter.
The heat is fully utilized in a following mechanism.

Air to Water Heat Pump Mechanism

Monobloc (All-in-One) System

Highly efficient compact unit realizes the maximum indoor comfort contributing to space heating/cooling and domestic hot water supply.


Choice of Installer Friendly

Monobloc (All-in-One) system literally encompasses vital components in one unit. They are plate (water-refrigerant) heat exchanger, refrigerant circulating pump, and expansion valve, etc. Construction work of refrigerant circuit requires expertise and skills dealing with respective installation sites. Monobloc system frees installers from such on-site work.

Save Cost!!

Remote Controller

Time zone setting, Weekly timer setting, Climatic Curve Setting...
Functions you need is HERE!!

Remote Controller

Extensive Applications & Incorporated Control PCB

A wide variety of installations with space heating/cooling and domestic hot water supply possible.

Installation Combinations

Control Printed Circuit Board (PCB) incorporated in our heat pump enables to control various combinations of space heating/cooling and domestic hot water supply.
The incorporated control PCB can be connected to CHOFU's remote controller and, what's more, to other control systems.
* Conditions/specifications of connection to other than CHOFU's controller need to be discussed.

CHOFU "Made In Japan" quality products ensure you of
a sustainable comfortable life.

Models   Models   Models
AEYC-0643XU   AEYC-1043XU   AEYC-1242XU
Models   Models   Models
Models   Models  
AEYC-1643XU   AEYC-1642XU3  
Models   Models  




* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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